Aziza Health Store sells nutritional natural products like vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, natural cosmetics and body & hair care products. Our products are 100% all natural. Non-GMOs (genetically-modified organism), No Soy, No gluten, No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. And for those that want to lose weight we have a great selection of the best weight loss products on the market. Aziza Health Store is an authorized dealer of the brands Sportron, Purium Health Products, MaryRuth’s Organics, Global Healing, Natural Arctic Oil, My Daily Choice Company and Olga Job’s products

What makes us different?

Aziza Health Store has a Food Technologist in store that can provide the clients with the best advice regarding the right product for their health.

Food Technologist, otherwise known as a food scientist, is someone who works in the food processing industry and works to help develop healthy, safe and convenient food products. They continually work to develop better methods of food preservation, better processing and packaging procedures, better storage and even better delivery processes. They also research harmful food additives and develop substitutes in order to make sure foods are safe and healthy. Some work for the government to assist in food labeling, or to visit restaurants and food processing plants to make sure they meet sanitation codes and safety regulations.